Google muda o visual do YouTube

This week will be marked by changes in the way people deal with Google. Not counting the dispute between Google+ and Facebook, the search giant has decided to rename two of its largest services Picasa and Blogger and now will play YouTube.

In the Youtube blog, the Google people have announced the novelty, the Cosmic Panda, an alternative way to see the material included in its huge portal.

Available at and clicking on “TryOut”, we will see how the panel changes completely (artdubai). The main novelty is in the videos preview, which has gained improvements for those who search the site to see movies, for example. This is because a black stripe was placed at the bottom of the screen that makes the experience more personal, and the options over the size of the images have been simplified.

If users do not like the improvements, it is possible to go back to the old version. “We will make changes to the experiment regularly,” warns Noam Lovinsky, product manager, and Alex Nicksay, the company’s software engineer.


This is one of the key changes in 8 years of service and over 3 billion views each day.

Written by Leandro Isola

Criador do Porta Elos, formado em Gestão de TI e pai do João Olavo. É apaixonado livros e boa informação.

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