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Friend Exporter.

The strategy sounds like reprisal. Days ago, Facebook blocked the tool that allowed users to export the contact list from the social network to Gmail. Google Plus users, the social network recently announced by the company, also took advantage of functionality to re-create contact lists.

Officially, Google says it does not allow automated tools to be used to remove content from the site. He claims that he maintains online tools so that users can remove data from any of their sites if they wish.

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At the time of the Facebook block, the creator of Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking tool, Mohamed Mansour, protested on his Google Plus page: “That’s what happens when your outreach becomes famous https://www.artdubai.ae .Do not worry, I’m producing a new version. I’m extremely annoyed now because this proves that Facebook dominates all user data. You have nothing! If I were you, I would complain about it to the media again. “

Now the one who complains is the creator of Migrakut, the Brazilian Rafael Zanoni. He rejects what Google says, and states that the tool is not automatic, since you must manually choose the photos to be transferred.

The truth is that Google and Facebook will increasingly do everything not to lose users. The war is ready!

Receba atualizações em tempo real grátis

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